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Thanks to our specialized machine base and qualified staff, we deliver quality products and all other sorts of metalworking solutions.

AGROPOL is a company for which machining holds no mystery. We take on every order.

We deal with metalworking, specifically:

  •  conventional milling
  •  conventional turning
  •  drilling
  •  cutting
  •  internal grinding
  •  cylindrical grinding
  •  emergency repairs

If you are here, you probably know a thing or two about CNC machining, but it is nevertheless worth explaining exactly what the process is and why you should opt for it. First and foremost, CNC is a method that actually involves the removal of small pieces of material in such a way that, after a certain amount of time, a product is created that is exactly the shape required. Specialised machines are used for this, which allow for effectiveness and efficiency of work as well as precision during the creation of individual elements. It is also worth noting here that it is not only about steel parts, but also, for example, aluminium parts or parts made of other materials – in this regard everything is subject to individual agreement.


Thanks to our long-standing presence on the market and working with many clients, we have gained invaluable experience.


Our experience and individual approach ensure that our customers are always satisfied.


We always adapt to the requirements, deadlines and individual expectations of our customers.

Why should you trust us?

Why decide to cooperate in CNC machining? There are many reasons. First of all, we are dealing with an extremely precise method of machining – nowadays you can afford the most detailed and skilled metal and other elements, because the machines you use allow for such variations. What is more, the exact design can be programmed in a special machine without any major problems, practically to the hundredth mm. But that is not all – modern CNC machining is also a guarantee of repeatability of all created elements. There is no room for any deviation or unevenness in relation to each other.

It is also worth mentioning that CNC machining is an extremely efficient and fully automated process. Therefore, after determining the project and placing the order you do not have to wait long for the ready elements. We use the most modern equipment, thanks to which everything is done safely, quickly, efficiently and professionally. No matter how complex the shape you want to achieve or how many pieces of a given material you need, we are sure to meet all your requirements in this respect. This is because we take full advantage of modern technology and are able to exploit the potential of CNC machining machines. 

We give technical advice on the technology and construction of gears whether new, repaired or under emergency repair.
We perform tasks precisely and on time, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, thanks to the wide range of services available.
We process carbon, alloy and special steels (acid-resistant, stainless), non-ferrous metals, steel castings, and plastics.
We have more than 20 years of professional experienceand approach each client individually.

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We take an individual approach to each customer and adapt to their needs.

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