Offer Agropol Klodawa – Gearwheels

The plant produces gears, axles, and drive shafts
in series and one-offs.


  • cylindrical:
  • bevel:
  • worms and wormwheels

There is no denying that over the years mankind has come up with many timeless inventions. Some of them were used for a short time and replaced by slightly more complex devices, but some have remained in an almost unchanged form until today. Among such inventions are undoubtedly gear wheels, which hardly anyone thinks about these days, but almost everyone uses. It is worth paying some tribute to this simple and uncomplicated, yet extremely effective mechanism, which has changed our world forever in many ways.

If you have a problem with:
  • repairing
  • refurbishing
  • or making used parts for metal, wood, agricultural, and other industrial type of machine
Let us look after that and you are certainly going to be impressed with the services we offer.
The plant produces gears, axles, and drive shafts
in series and one-offs.
  • straight-cut
  • helical
  • annular
  • straight-cut
  • worms and wormwheels
We produce gears from all types of material (steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, plastics).
Steel gears can be crude or heat treated by:
  • quenching and tempering
  • carburizing
  • carbonitriding
We make gears according to the design documentation prepared by the client or by us. In case of repairs and emergency repairs, also based on provided designs in the form of damaged or destroyed components.
The plant produces gears, axles, and drive shafts in series and one-offs. We make and repair transmission housings on CNC machines.
We give technical advice on the technology and construction of gears whether new, repaired or under emergency repair.

First of all, it is important to know that cogwheels were invented in ancient times – when exactly, it is very difficult to say, but we know that people of that time used this solution for a relatively long time. It is worth noting here that we are dealing with an invention which at that time contributed significantly to the development of civilisation; who knows, perhaps without the cogwheel our development would have stopped several hundred years back?

When the industrial revolution came, the gear became one of the most important elements in many machines and devices. Previously, it was mainly watchmakers who used this mechanism to create incredibly precise watches, but in the course of the revolution, gears began to be used on a very large scale in many different areas of industry and commerce. By then, it was very difficult to imagine development without the use of gears.The same is true today. Mechanisms of this kind have become more and more complex, so that they also find a multitude of applications. Where can we find gears nowadays? Practically everywhere! We’re talking about the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, agriculture, as well as building machinery or household appliances. Of course, this is not the end of an endless list of applications, but let’s face it, neither we nor you have that much time today to get through it. It is simply too long. This proves that gears are a timeless invention that has enjoyed popularity and a multitude of applications for many hundreds of years. It has had an unquestionable impact on the development of our civilisation – and who would have expected that, given that we are dealing with something relatively simple and transparent in operation?